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www.ellinorfashion.com the webpage which represents the eCommerce of the website was created by the owner of the company "FIL-CO" EOOD.
The content of this website cannot be reproduced or shown without a formal, written confirmation from "FIL-CO" EOOD.
The website has a specific aim, thus being the sales of cloths, home accessories, and other through our online form via individual orders of the client. All prices shown in our website are with included VAT and do not include shipment costs.
All prices are valid until stocks runs out. "FIL-CO" EOOD keeps it's right to change the prices without informing the customers in advance, as well as changing or rectify any technical or other characteristics of the stock. There are possible print mistakes, differences in color visualization from the user’s computer configuration and other.

"Consumer" is every person who has loaded the Internet page of www.ellinorfashion.com
"Products" are offered through the website's stocks, which can be bought.
"Order" is an individual request for buying a Product/Products under the terms and conditions of the website.
"Services" are being processed or made by "FIL-CO” EOOD in regards to the offers, sales and deliveries of Products from the website.

Preamble This document contains the Common terms and conditions regarding www.ellinorfashion.com and provides Services of Customers through this website. Every consumer is bound through the rules of the current, mutual conditions for using the website - starting from the first access until logging out of the website.
Identifying the consumer and his agreement of the Terms and Conditions has been made by storing log files on the server of www.ellinorfashion.com on IP address of the consumer, as well every other provided information. The overall Terms and Conditions have been published on our website and can be accessed via every Consumer.

Subject of the terms and conditions
The common terms and conditions regulate the relations concerning the offered services of www.ellinorfashion.com through the website.

Upon sale are Products offered in our website at a current date of order placement on behalf of the Consumer. The products are a upon sale through the Website and are shown by their type, price, quality and have been classified in different sections by similar characteristics.
www.ellinorfashion.com is not taking any responsibility for possible differences in colors bought for presents. The reason being is that the digital specifics of a screen are different and we cannot take responsibility for this. Placing an order of a product has been accepted by agreement between the Consumer concerning the look and quality of the product.

Payment methods
After realizing the individual placed order for buying a product, in a certain way, the Consumer pays specific amount of money through bank/credit/debit card; or in advance - via bank account.

A client, ordered a product can refuse the order only when: when there's inadequacy between order and delivered product. The buyer can exercise his rights according to article 55, paragraph 1 by (ZZP) in period of 10 days from delivery only if it has been returned in the same conditions when received.

Rules, regulations and right of the Consumer
The user has the right to choose, order product by individual orders of products from the website by the order and regulations shown there. The consumer has the right of delivery of his ordered product on the given address after executing payment shown on the website. The consumer must pay the price the way it has been shown in the website. The user does not have the right to spread, change (edit), copy (non-profit, personal reasons), to pass, expose, play, produce, publish, create second hand material, transfer, sell or use in any other way the content of the website without the formal, written agreement by "FIL-CO" EOOD.

Every user, no matter if he has made an order or not, he has to use the services: Rules and obligations of ellinorfashion.com
"FIL-CO" EOOD has the right any time, without notifying the Consumer, when he lastly has used the Services in violation to the current regulations, as ruled by "FIL-CO" EOOD, to terminate, stop and change the offered Services.
"FIL-CO" EOOD is not responsible for Consumers or third parties, we will not be liable for any damages (including without limitation loss of profit or loss of use) arising out of your use or delay or inability to use our Site, its content or any link to another website arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, except in the case of death or personal injury caused by our negligence or willfulmisconduct.
"FIL-CO" EOOD can secure the publishing of themed rubrics to shops and hyper-links to other Internet pages and resources. "FIL-CO" EOOD is not responsible for any damages and missed benefits, resulting in connection to the use, access or liability of these materials and their content.

Change of the General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions are going to be changed all the time by "FIL-CO" EOOD, as the one changed them should notify the Consumer for the changed General terms and conditions when he publishes them on the website and he must publish messages for these changes as the changes themselves. The Consumer is considered bound to changes from the moment after their publication, except if he does not notify that he does not accept the new Terms and Conditions, then "FIL-CO" EOOD has the right to stop providing any Services to the Consumer.

All notifications concerning the Services through the website can be done by the phone to the /contact details have been declared on the website/ address of contacts of the Consumer. If the notifications have been made by this manner they are considered delivered and notified until proving the opposite.

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